These are some places you can find my writing that's been published! I'll be adding to this over time and the links to my Hellogiggles and HuffPost pages are above but I'll list the articles I've written for them here, too. :)

Doll Hospital

Runaway Passengers-essay about having OCD and anxiety and how some people seem to think mental illness is a cute little accessory and that you should hang in there, OK?


Holy Glitter Zine

Flying Dreams and Glitter Edged Memories-article/short story about growing up and fairy statues, and wanting things back.

Rugrats, Tears and Everything Bright-article about nostalgia and growing up and how we tend to idolise the 90s. And Rugrats, because they were awesome.


Germ :

When We Were Us -short story about growing up and coming of age and loving and hating each other. All those cool things.
Man Of The House-short story about the different ways different parts of a community can grieve for a child, the effects of a high-profile crime and people thinking that boys don't cry.


Why Ditching The Traditional Education Model Was The Right Move For Me- article about me being sort of, kind of homeschooled and why we get too stuck in traditional ideas of education. And anxiety, because I have a lot of anxiety.

Real Women Can Wear Dresses-Or Whatever They Want-article about being a tomboy who kind of forced herself into being a tomboy, feminism, crying not being weak, and how it's totally fine for feminists to wear dresses.

Why Alex From Modern Family Is Important To Teens Struggling With Anxiety-article about the awesomeness of Alex Dunphy as a character and how being the precocious kid can be overwhelming and isn't acknowledged enough. And cake.

How I Started To Understand The Concept Of My Own Privilege-article about how hard it can be to realise your own privilege and why your voice shouldn't silence anyone else's. Also, why it's OK to mess up sometimes.

Real Monsters: Why Toby Allen's Work Is So Important-article about the awesome artist Toby Allen and why the art he does representing mental illness gives people a voice.

How Charlotte Proudman Taking A Stand Against Sexism Has Empowered Me-article about Charlotte Proudman's stance against sexism and why we need people like her to empower young women.

Huffington Post Young Voices:

Why Teenagers Need More Political Education-post about how we really don't get that much education about politics and how teenagers' voices are not worth less than anyone else's. And also, general election memories.

Why 'Mean Girls' And British Politics Might Not Be That Different-post about how British politics is actually really, really like Mean Girls, and how Nick Clegg would be a good Cady. Also-who'd be better at sashaying, Cameron, Clegg or Miliband? And-you know-serious stuff, too. Like seeing who has the most Regina George lines.

Why Everyone Should Know About The Lunchbox Fund-post about the beyond awesome organization The Lunchbox Fund, the innovative ways it helps the plight of underprivileged children and why I want to meet Topaz Page-Green one day.
"My Son The Jihadi": How A Documentary Illustrates A Growing Fear-an article about Sally Evans speaking about her son's conversion to Jihadism and the prevalence of the dangers of radicalization.
PMQS Verdict: Corbyn's Getting Better But Cameron's Seen Worse-an article about one of the many arguing PMQS sessions between Cameron and Corbyn, during which Cameron danced around the question like a deranged marionette, Corbyn attempted a headmaster stare and I really missed the days of the debates between Cameron and Miliband.
Why We Need To Talk About Bereavement: The Importance of Kevin Wells and Grief Encounter-an article about how grief can last for a very long time, the bravery of the parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, the Soham murder victims, and how I learnt it's OK to feel like you missed out on knowing someone.
Why We Should Feel Sorry For Oldham West, No Matter What The Result: From A Non-Partisan Voter-piece I wrote before the Oldham-West by-election about why, from a non-partisan viewpoint, the result was going to be bad for Labour either way (and probably for Oldham West, too.)
What David Bowie Taught Me-piece I wrote after David Bowie's passing about why he was so important for me and many other teenagers in discovering our own identities.
Why David Cameron and Boris Are Probably Secret Taylor Swift fans-piece I wrote after Boris's decision on the EU referendum and the similarities between the divisions between the Tories and a teenage clique.
In Brussels, Lives Have Been Lost: This Is Not The Time For Political Capital-piece I wrote after the horrific Brussels attacks about why we need to unite, not divide, in the face of terrorism and how the loss of lives was not another piece to be used in a referendum argument.

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