Wednesday, 7 June 2017

The Election Diaries: Day 48:4th June 2017: The Great Allotment In The Sky

Sunday 4th June 2017

Day 48

Suffice it to say, we can't exactly be cheerful today, but we can do the next best thing, which is get on with things. Which we try to do, though I sleep the whole morning, after watching the news until 4am.

My parents were away overnight for a concert, so they get back after trying to get the news all night through a dodgy TV in the hotel room. We sit and watch Theresa May's statement and all the political leaders again decide to abandon campaigning for the day and Donald Trump be an idiot and Jeremy Corbyn blame Theresa May-

Wait. What the hell?

Yeah. Yeah, you read that right.

Because Corbyn, the same guy who, after Paris, was stupid enough to say he opposed the shoot-to-kill policy that last night meant the terror attack ended after only eight minutes, has now somehow decided to blame the attack on Theresa May's police cuts, which a) had no effect last night, and b) are actually irrelevant, as the police managed to take them out within eight minutes of being called.

It-well, it's stupid. Let's just put it at that.

It's also evil, blind, ignorant and a number of other adjectives, but if I listed them all, I'd end up finding him and chucking a dictionary at his naive, utopian, hypocritical, self-serving principles which I will not say would send his left-wing ideals to the Great Allotment In The Sky, as it would be politically incorrect, so I shall refrain, the way he refrained from intervening when his supporters chanted "Jew Jew Jew" at a candidate this week.

However, it seems the army might have taken care of that concern for me, as this is something that makes me blink a couple of times in my timeline.

So, that's another thing to add to the list. If Corbyn takes over, the army might storm Downing Street. Would it almost be worth it? (No. I'm saying that because given a considerable number of the population wrote HARAMBE on the election ballot in the American election last year, I feel the need to explain sarcasm.)

I wonder if Corbyn will imitate Alastair Campbell today, and end up withdrawing whatever he says that causes an outcry. Good old Alastair, that unstoppable barn door of rage, has managed to somehow offend everybody at once by tweeting this.

He's deleted it, but the Internet never forgets, and he's netted himself a Guido headline. I've had contacts with Guido before and trust me, that'll have been leapt on like a cat dragging a squeaking mouse from a trap. Which, incidentally, is what Alastair used to do to journalists. How the mighty fall.


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