Tuesday, 17 January 2017

So It Was Supposed To Be A Hiatus...

So, this was supposed to be a hiatus.

But it turned into the kind of hiatus that takes place between Sherlock seasons.

Inconvenient and long.

Originally, I was just tired of campaigning after the EU referendum debacle. But then, you know, politics collapsed, the US elected the Hitler Wotsit, etc.

And we moved house, I got on a writing course and things basically rolled on with me working away on my novel and on short stories for the children until it got to Christmas and I hadn't written anything on here in ages.

I suppose I could have just abandoned the whole thing and waited for the few people who do read this to forget about it, but then I remembered that I quite like entertaining the illusion that people are fascinated by my life. And a blog is rather the best place to do that, particularly one that links to a Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, so that I can helpfully bombard you all with daily updates.

Also, as a homeschooled teenager from an overly-large family (picture Raised By Wolves, but with more money and less left-wing) , an only child that somehow has basically managed to adopt cousins as surrogate siblings, and the daughter of parents who once, on a family holiday, were watching me play happily with their friend's daughter before casually mentioning that her father happened to be the lead singer of China White Crisis-a fact I would have been significantly more impressed by a few years later-I figure my life isn't entirely ordinary.
Also, I've just watched Theresa May's speech on the Brexit negotiations and boy howdy, are things going to get crazy in the next few months.
So, I'm back, updating this blog. End the hiatus. Let it commence, a la Sherlock Season 4.