Sunday, 22 November 2015

In The Aftermath, OTPs And The Great Sunbed Argument

Part of having a dad who's a part-time musician/used-to-be musician is that listening to music in the car is sometimes an exercise in "Which one of these did Dad know?" The other day, while my dad and I were driving down the road (which I posted on my Instagram as "She Way Out" by The 1975 was playing at one point, which was too fantastic to let go), he put on a song and then reminded me that I'd run around a kid's play area with one of the lead singer's/guitarist's daughters when we were kids, who was a bit younger than me. I remembered it, a family holiday when I was about ten. (The song was "African and White" by China Crisis.) The other side of my dad's career, incidentally, is being a private detective, which my cousins used to think meant he got to conceal James Bond-style weapons in a guitar.

In the last week, the news has been filled with war and fear and constant wondering if we're all going to be safe or not.  It feels like attack after attack litters the news. It's also a time that leaves me watching Labour-the Opposition party here in the UK-and thinking "Get your act together, for God's sake." I'm non-partisan, but lately it's been harder and harder to think I'll ever vote for them. One of the downright simple criteria for me with politics is that I'd feel safe if these guys were in charge. With the way Labour is now? No way. Anyone who's on my Twitter will have seen me ranting about that though so enough about it for now. At the moment, I've got "In The Woods Somewhere" by Hozier playing which gives a sufficiently dramatic vibe.
(On another note to do with Labour, I shared a story on Tumblr about our family friend who was childhood friends with the Miliband brothers, but I'll save that for tomorrow.)

In the meantime, winter leaves me down with what we've always suspected is SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but has never actually been diagnosed. Dad gets the same way so today Mum endured both of us sitting there, looking like the world had ended.

"You get SAD too?" she said to my dad, and my dad blinked. "I get SAD too? SAD TOO? Lydia gets SAD from me! I am the original SAD!"

Our family know all too well that you can find humour in a lot of weird stuff when you're dealing with feeling down for absolutely no reason.

Mum suggested a lamp. A lamp that had colours that reportedly help to lighten someone's mood.

"A lamp?"

"Two lamps."

Dad burst out laughing. "Yeah, I can see us comparing them. "What colour's your lamp?""Mine's blue." "Mine's green." "Fascinating."

"Oh, shut up." This was my mum (jokingly) who then said "The two of you need to get more fresh air. Start walking."
To my dad, this is like a suggestion of chopping his leg off so he spluttered "But-but-I thought we were getting a sunbed!"
"A sunbed?"
"To get light in for winter!"
"When did I say we were getting a sunbed?"
"You haven't. But I just thought it would be a good idea."
"We do not need a sunbed."

For a family of high IQs, the sunbed argument was deemed rather important. However, they both found the time to join in with my general ecstasy at discovering a song that fitted all my OTPs, as both of them are-thanks to me-aware of various fandoms, OTPs, shippings, even though they remain rather puzzled by it all.
The song was "Like Real People Do" by Hozier if you're interested and it's below with the Destiel video I originally found it on (and yes, Destiel is one of my OTPs that I absolutely refuse to accept is not an endgame OTP.)

Tonight, walking in from the cold, my father still hadn't let go of the petition from earlier.

"You know, we could still get a sunbed."

One thing you learn in my family is persistence.

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