Thursday, 18 June 2015

Blackcurrants and Stepping Stones in the Early Evening

It's a weird thing to know that you've finished with school forever. It felt like something I've looked forward to since I was four years old and it's also a place I never have to go back to. I'll never have to wear school uniform again, never have to sit through a class and watch the clock. All that is over.
Yesterday, after we finished our last ever exam, my friends and I sat in a coffee shop with fairy lights draped all around and talked while "My Number" by Foals played in the background and we all skittered around the fact that we'll never have to go back to school, ever. Even afterwards, as I tried to balance on stepping stones across a stream and ate blackcurrant and clotted cream ice cream in the early evening, my friends' laughter all around me, it didn't feel quite real. I had "Head.Cars.Bending." by The 1975 playing in my head and nothing felt as if it had quite sunk in, as if it was quite real that our lives may have started without us realising. 


  1. *High five for finishing school* totally agree with the oddity of knowing your life is starting, but being totally oblivious to the fact at the same time

  2. Woooww I love reading every single word you write, you have such great talent! Can´t wait to feel like you next year :)