Sunday, 17 August 2014

The Whole I Met David Levithan Thing

Oh my God, I met David Levithan and no I'm not going to be even the slightest bit cool about it.

My first exposure to David Levithan and his GENIUS WRITING was when I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson last summer and fell in love with both Wills but particularly the angsty, angry one written by David Levithan. And he was all written in lower capitals as well, which just made him cooler. I also liked him because he was depressed which I dealt with and it sucked and it was kind of cool to have a character I loved also dealing with it and also agreeing that it sucked. In case you hadn't figured it out by now, I love books and films where I can just project my personal issues all over the characters.

But anyway, I loved the book and loved that it had this sort of ambiguous-but-happy ending for David Levithan's Will Grayson (I love ambiguous endings because I like torturing myself with possibilities.) And then a few months went by during which I was busy being depressed and anxious and wasn't in much mood for interacting with people.

Everyone should be doing this face for me now.
But don't worry, I cheered up again, with the help of meds and therapy. All that cool stuff.

Not what therapy is actually like at all. Also, I'm not a middle aged cartoon man.

         But anyway, when I cheered up, I started seeking out a load more books to read and I devoured the awesome Every Day by David Levithan (I'll be writing about it, you should read it. Just so you know-it's awesome.) And then I went to his author talk.

The first sign that David Levithan is awesome is that he told us that his little toy that he takes pictures with doesn't like being upstaged. He also has one of those awesome tape cassette phone cases, which sent me into retro heaven. (I have this weird 90s nostalgia thing, even though I was born in the 90s. Thank God for Tumblr.)

Oh, and he's really awesome at reading aloud. Seriously cool at reading aloud. It wasn't even a book I'd read and by the time he'd finished reading from it, I wanted to read it.
And he answered questions, and was generally hilarious while he answered them. One of these Chief Hilarious Moments was when people asked if he'd ever had any negative collaborations with authors and he said that what was he supposed to say? "George Orwell wouldn't return my calls?" And he's just generally cool and funny. AND HE ANSWERED ONE OF MY QUESTIONS.

That's right. David Levithan, you know, knew I existed. Big moment in my life.

My question was something that won't make sense to the people who haven't read Every Day and it was about how A (read it, you'll get it, I'm shamelessly advertising this book now) makes the choice not to intervene in people's lives and did David Levithan think it was the right choice or does he think there were times you should intervene?

And he answered the question. I was sitting in the second row so he basically just said the answer to me. I was sitting there, with my big puppy dog eyes I put on when I'm in the presence of someone I admire to everything cool.

Don't act like they aren't the cutest thing ever.
But he said that he personally thought it depended on the situation but that yeah, you should intervene, if you think it can help. He said it way more eloquently than that, but that was the gist of it.

And then he signed books and spoke to people and it was awesome. And yeah, we stood in the queue for a while but I got chatting to some really cool people-*waves at you if you're reading this*-and we discussed Harry Potter and Destiel-DESTIEL OMG I'LL TALK ABOUT THAT SOME TIME-and cool books and that was rad.

And then he signed my books. And he talked to me.

I basically fangirl-gushed over Rhiannon-who was MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER in Every Day and will so be getting a Cool Character page, at some point-and he told me about a new book he's writing. I'm not going to give anything away but he told me about a scene he'd been writing THAT DAY. When that book comes out and I snap it up like a hungry tiger ( I don't know what that simile was, please don't judge me) I will know I spoke to him on the day he wrote THAT SCENE. You don't know the meaning this gives to life.

Oh, and to cap it all off he wrote to "live every day in wonder" in my copy of Every Day. And "May all your playlists be infinite" in my copy of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

So, yeah, guys, that basically made my life for a while. And I don't often use smileys in my blog posts but I will here, because it's basically the only way to sum up the SpongeBob style smile I had afterwards. :):):)

Anyway, let me know the cool people you've met in the comments! GIVE ME COMMENTS GUYS. And I'll be updating more often from now on, so apologies for the lack of updates for the last week, but there's been a lot going on, kind of. Still, now there's TIME FOR MORE. Oh, and thanks to everyone who's followed so far, you're awesome and cool and all that great stuff. (Hint: I'll really like you if you follow.)

So anyway, yeah, that day was cool. Oh, and I was wearing my nerdfighter Don't Forget To Be Awesome T-shirt as well. BOOYAH.

(Yes, I seriously just wrote BOOYAH. I love that word too much.)


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  1. Ahhh I have never read David Levithan's work before but now i want to!! I haven't met very many famous people but I DID once see Tilda Swinton at the Natural History Museum wearing a plaid shirt and looking at dinosaurs! so woo to that!! xox