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The Whole Cool Book Thing: Every Day by David Levithan

So, I said I'd blog more often. And now I am. :)

My entire aim to blog more frequently was challenged by my laptop deciding to go on the ultimate blink this week. But now it is fixed and I can be all happy again.

Anyway, I'm sitting here, blogging, scrolling through Tumblr, eating pizza and watching Supernatural so I figured it was as good a time as any to write about Every Day.

The basic premise of Every Day is that A-the main character, with no gender-wakes up in a different body every day. As you can imagine, this essentially sucks. By the way, even though a lot of people mention how cool that would be, does it say something about me that the first thing I thought was OH GOD NO. I'd hope that means I really like my life rather than that I'm just unimaginative.

But A lives their whole life like this, going from one body to another each day. And they have a few rules for themselves: never get too involved. Never leave anything that could ruin someone's lives.

But all these rules go out the window when A meets Rhiannon, the day they're in the body of her boyfriend, Justin.

No, not him.

 And I'm just going to say now that Justin is kind of a jerk. As in, he ignores Rhiannon, he's mean, he's the guy who likes to talk your ear off about his own issues and treat you like a chair that's paid to listen. I hated him within one page.

But when A's in his body, he's nice. And then of course, A leaves.

A goes through a load of different bodies but they're still pulled to Rhiannon. And they start meeting up with her as different people. And this eventually leads to the secret coming out.

And of course, this leads to a few more problems than the average long-distance relationship. And in the meantime, there's more complication. A blinks out of each body at midnight, like some sort of twisted Cinderella magic. And one guy they're in, they don't get back to bed in time.

This guy's called Nathan and becomes obsessed with the idea he's become possessed by the devil. And once again, I don't know what this says about me, but he was the guy I hated the most-apart from Justin and the priest Nathan hires-in the whole book.

He was just so freaking annoying. No harm happened to him. Nothing bad. And yet, even when A emails him (A has their own email address, which was actually one of my favourite things as it's primarily how they communicate with Rhiannon throughout the book) and tries to explain, Nathan's still convinced they're the devil. Apparently, Satan has an email address in Nathan's mind. No, really. It's hilarious. Nathan's going to the news and everything, convinced he's possessed by the devil. It's bizarre. And then he brings in his extremely dodgy friend, this bishop guy-Reverend Poole- who's talking about exorcizing A from people's bodies.

And then there's a big twist. Don't read any further if you don't want the BIG TWIST.

Reverend Poole is a person like A who has figured out how to stay in people's bodies, effectively taking them over and killing them. And then stealing their life. And they want A to go dark side with them.

Unsurprisingly, A is not thrilled and turns this offer down.

But meanwhile, A is getting closer and closer to Rhiannon and the novel deals with the whole theme of identity and can you be the same person if you look completely different and does your body truly dictate who you are, etc. And it's interesting because as nice and sweet a person as Rhiannon is-and we'll get to that in a minute-she can't always get past it. She can't always look past the body A's in to see A. And she doesn't like herself for that. She really doesn't. But she finds it too difficult at times. And A doesn't even blame her for that.

And I'm not going to say the ending but basically, it's bittersweet. It's not one of those happy ever after endings, I'll say that. But it's-I don't know if you could say realistic because let's be real, I don't know how many times you're going to find yourself waking up in a different body in your life. Or falling in love with someone who does.

But OK, let me get to the characters. There are way too many to go into individually, because you know, there are loads since A's a different person each day. But let's just focus on A and Rhiannon.

A's great. A has no gender, no permanent orientation. A's one of those people who you could say is utterly totally themselves, shaped solely by their own nature, because they've never had one home to nurture them. Or you could say A is shaped solely by nurture but by loads of different types of nurture for all the different people they experience. And A's life is shaped around trying not to damage other people's. This makes A someone who's basically treading on thin ice.

And then there's Rhiannon. And she's just awesome.
I don't know, I always picture Rhiannon liking Taylor Swift songs. I've no idea why. But more than that, Rhiannon's one of those sweet, kind people who's there for everyone else. And Rhiannon also scribbles on her Converse sneakers which is adorable. I basically had a crush on her by the end of the book. She was sweet and A-A  tries to make her happy.
But she can't always deal with A. She can't always deal with the problems of their relationship. Even though she loves A and A loves her, it's too much for them.
Thanks for breaking my heart there, David Levithan.
So, check out Every Day. If nothing else, it will make you question just how much your image of someone is based on what they look like. And how you'd see them if they looked completely different.
Plus, it's by David Levithan, so it obviously won't disappoint. :)

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  1. Woah woah... I didn't read on because it sounds super cool and I didn't want to ruin the story for myself. BUT OMG... one summer back or so, I watched an interactive social film that has a similar plotline to thisssss. The difference is that the protagonist wakes up as a different person who is probably non-existent, not as someone who actually lives. (linkzzz: I might have to come back to this post after I finish reading Every Day. xD