Friday, 25 July 2014

The Whole "You Should Be Doing Something" Thing

Does anyone else ever get the weird feeling that they should definitely be doing something more than they're doing? As in, will anyone ever be lying there, just kind of basking in the feeling of doing nothing, and then the next thing you know, your brain starts jumping up and down in your skull like the bratty little kid wanting sweets, shrieking AARGH TIME WASTING ARGH WASTE OF TIME. And at first, you start making like the angry mother whose kid starts shrieking in the middle of the supermarket and start trying to pacify your brain with comments like "It'll be all right" and "Be patient" and actually probably thinking SHUT UP SHUT UP LET ME RELAX SHUT UP. The whole thing gives me a lot more sympathy for what mothers in supermarkets are actually going through.
(Though there are a few differences between your brain and a screaming kid. For one, you cannot easily pacify your brain with a dummy. I may or may not have tried this. No judging.)
And then eventually, like that mother with the screaming kid, you end up giving in and while the mother bungs a packet of sweets at her kid and probably makes a mental note to somehow invent a time machine and rewind to the moment she ever thought having children was a good idea, you end up getting up and making yourself do something-like write or read or even download new songs. And none of those are bad things to do and you might actually end up having some fun doing them, it's just a shame you ended up doing them because you felt like you HAD to, because your brain was all AARGH TIME WASTING rather than just doing those things for the sheer unadulterated pleasure of doing them.

The thing is, I think time wasting can actually be kind of cool. Not all the time, obviously, or it would be way too easy for me to lie about listening to Charli XCX and not doing anything. And sometimes, it's kind of cool to get done something  that needs to get done. (I wouldn't have downloaded Passion Pit's album, otherwise.) And sometimes once you do something, your brain feels like it just got a shot of Felix Felicis and is magically NOW I KNOW THE PATH and everything.

But sometimes, it's all right to kind of just lie around and let your mind wander and let random ideas come into your head. Because sometimes, those random ideas lead to cool NEW ideas that you can work on and then everything wins, you got to spend time lazing around and it gave you something cool to do later on. And sometimes, you just need time out which is kind of what these long summer days are made for. (And, you know, the whole hemisphere facing the sun, and everything.)

And sometimes, it's awesome to just wander around with your friends and talk about things and compare milkshake flavours and talk about the general awesomeness of whatever you're into at the moment. Like the other day, wandering around watching How To Train Your Dragon 2 with my friends and then hanging out picking up Sherlock posters and comparing whether we thought the Death Note anime or manga would be better. Or like earlier today when I was wandering around town again with two other friends, and we were just chatting about the great directing skills of Paul Thomas Anderson, and the hilariousness of Tina Fey and how to determine a scale of coolness for moustaches. And I might not have created any GREAT WORKS OF ART on those days, but if you create one of those every day, you've got no time for appreciating other great works of art and messing about and just getting into the fun bits of life, like when you find a red heart in a bag of Haribo.

And let's be honest, if you didn't have any goofing off time with your friends, you don't get those wonderful moments of discussing Paul Thomas Anderson, etc. and those moments when you're all wandering around together and it feels wonderfully Perks of Being A Wallflower-ish. In a very good way.
And let's face it, that would be a great loss to the world, AMIRITE?


  1. I get this feeling all the time. I usually just take a step back, read through my blog, look at everything I'm doing and how much I enjoy it. It makes a huge difference!
    x Justina //

  2. Akhhh. I know how you feel about that thing. And you're right, it's a good thing. Definitely a good thing. Especially since letting your mind wander around is where the best ideas can come from. But of course, it comes with a downside which is feeling very unproductive. xD