Tuesday, 10 June 2014

RIP Rik Mayall

So, I've just heard that Rik Mayall died yesterday.

I won't pretend that I watched the Young Ones, or even that I knew a great deal about him. But I did know he was a really, really great comic actor, who died at a pretty young age-only 56. Currently, the cause of death is uncertain, but there've been tributes pouring into him from all over the Net. The one film I was familiar with him in was Drop Dead Fred, which is probably due to a pretty irritating lack of cultural knowledge on my part. Though the fact he was in Blackadder at one point endears him to me for all time.

Anyway, RIP Rik Mayall. You gave us all a lot of laughs and you brought entertainment into a lot of lives. Rest in peace.

                                                              Rik Mayall
                                                   7th March 1958-9th June 2014

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