Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Few Things About Me

So I've only written three posts and I've just realised they haven't really been that informative or overly detailed. So, here's a few little things you might want to know:

My name's Lydia and I'm seventeen. I don't give my full name out usually because of the fact I've been warned about Internet safety basically since the time I was first aware of the Internet's existence. But anyway, this is my blog.

I kind of had a lot of difficulty deciding what this blog would actually be about. I think in the beginning I just wanted one to chronicle interests. But I'm going to be reviewing things on here. Mainly books, films, songs and music videos but sometimes some TV shows as well. And I'll be doing stuff I like and stuff I'm-not so keen on. I'll also be occasionally posting stuff about my writing, and just random stuff about me. I don't know if that says I'm the sort of person who's outgoing or the sort of person who's just self-centred but I'd put a pretty large wager on the latter.

Now, just to clear a couple of things up about this whole reviewing thing; I'm doing it for fun and if it's something I'm not so keen on, then I'll try and be constructive about it. But I go by the Nostalgia Critic's motto for films and apply it to most forms of media-there's no such thing as good or bad, there's just things you like and things you don't like. Most of art's pretty subjective anyway, and there are plenty of things I like that I know other people don't and some books/films/songs, etc. that I can't be in the presence of for more than five seconds and everyone else seems to love so much that they're  practically marching them to the altar. So, it's just my opinion.

If I post any pictures, unless I say that I took them or that they're my own, you should probably take it for granted that I don't own them or anything. To give you an idea of what my photography skills are like, I'll tell you that the first time I tried taking a picture with my phone, I managed to get about fifteen shots of half a tablecloth and then managed to illuminate the entire table with the flash which was bright enough to give my little cousin a headache that led to her spending the rest of the party curled up with her thumb in her mouth. I took it as a bad sign.

Anyway, I don't have any set plan for what I'm going to review at the moment. For now, I'm just getting started. But anyway, I hope you-whoever you are, reading this-will read it and I hope you'll find it kind of interesting.

So until next time,


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